Winefest Edmonton

Swirl, sip and savour at Winefest – one ticket includes an all-inclusive sampling of wines from all over the world and an array of delectable hors d'oeuvres!

Sips & Samples

With over 300 wines and an array of delicious food samples, there was something for everyone at Winefest! Check out what was served at Winefest Edmonton in 2020:

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2020 Rosé Feature

Rosé? Hooray! In 2020, Winefest was thrilled to introduce a highly anticipated rosé feature. With over 60 different rosés from sweet, dry, to sparkling, there was a rosé for all.

Liquor Connect

Liquor Connect Wondering where to find all of your favourite wines from Winefest? has you covered! They make finding your preferred beverages a breeze. Go to or download their App to find out where your favourite wines are sold in Alberta!

Door Prizes

Guests had the opportunity to win these exciting door prizes at Winefest 2020:

Giving Back

Winefest once again made every donation go further by contributing $1 for every pound of food donated. In 2020, Winefest Edmonton raised $1406.65 and collected 298 pounds of food to help those in need through the Edmonton Food Bank.

Ticket Prices

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Please note that Winefest is an adult-only event. All attendees must be legal drinking age. Minors (including infants) are not permitted to attend Winefest.

Corporate and Group Tickets

Discounted ticket prices were available for Corporate and Group orders of 10 or more. If you are interested in Corporate/Group tickets Winefest, please email us for additional information.

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